Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wild Turkey

I recently posted about Wild Turkeys.  We often see turkeys at the Dundas banding site. This winter, however, few have appeared under the feeders. This bird was one of four hens that visited on Wednesday morning. I can’t decide if this bird is handsome or ugly.

The restoration of the Wild Turkey is one of Minnesota’s “greatest conservation success stories” (MNDNR). Formerly rare, turkeys are seen throughout much of southern and central Minnesota. Today’s birds were released between 1971 and 1973. The initial release consisted of 29 individuals transported from Missouri. Now more than 70,000 Wild Turkeys roam Minnesota (MNDNR). The Department of Natural Resources warns people not to release domestic turkeys—they may spread disease to wild birds. They also warn against feeding turkeys that could become tame and aggressive. Finally they advise protecting your garden and crops from turkey depredation.

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