Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sunbathing Roadrunner

While visiting family near Dallas, and under the tyranny of Erika’s new Fitbit,we often took morning strolls. “What is on the roof of that house?” we asked each other. “An exhibitionist roadrunner raising its feather dress well above its hips!” We had never seen anything quite like this behavior (although I have blogged on the species several times).

Sunbathing roadrunners are described in the ornithological literature. Hughes (2011) writes that roadrunners sunbathe, while standing on fenceposts or rooftops, for two to three hours in the early morning. The wings “are drooped and held away from the body, “ while the “cervial plumage is erect, exposing black skin of the interscapular apterium…"

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