Thursday, June 11, 2015

Reddish Egret

Last March, as Erika and I drank coffee at the Rockport, Texas, McDonalds, I noticed a Reddish Egret in a shallow bay across the street. I excused myself and ran over to take these photos. This heron is the rarest of North America’s egrets, and has the most active foraging behavior of the family. I have previously blogged about the color morphs of this egret.

Reddish Egrets race around, flapping their wings, and stamping in the water—all apparently to locate and startle small fish. At least six foraging methods are described by Lowther and Paul (2002)— "Wing-Flicking, Open Wing-Feeding, Canopy Feeding [creating a shadow in the water that attracts sun-sensitive fish], Foot-Stirring, Hovering Stirring, and Stand and Wait and Wade or Walk Slowly.” The photos above show a few of these feeding behaviors.


  1. These shots are gorgeous, Dan. Who would have thought that they were taken just outside a McDonald's!?

    1. I should start a McDonalds bird list. So far, Lawrence's Goldfinch, Greater Roadrunner, Cactus Wren all come to mind.