Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pacific Forktail

Last year, on 21 July, we took our granddaughter to the Olympia Water and Children’s museums. “No reason to take my big lens,” I thought.  Wrong. We discovered a Pacific Forktail, easily recognized by its four-spotted upper thorax. This damsel is the only one in Washington with such marks. I was only able to to take a poor photo through a plate-glass widow with my small camera. This year we returned on 11 July. This time I brought my large lens along with my granddaughter.
These damselflies are fond of backyard, urban pools. Females oviposit in the morning, before males become active. Males dominate later in the day (PaulsonKerst and Gordon). We easily found these males at midday at the Water Museum in downtown Olympia.

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