Saturday, April 23, 2016

Blue-winged Teal

Also from Wednesday’s jaunt to Dakota County’s 180th Street Marsh was a close encounter with a Blue-winged Teal. Whenever I see drake Blue-wings, I am reminded of my seventh-grade teacher, John Trott, who introduced me to birds. He also sparked my interest in reading. He asked my parents if he could give me “The Big Sky,” a rather raunchy novel (at least for a 1960s grade-schooler) about fur trappers in the Dakotas. I never imagined a book could be so cool. In the book, our doomed hero falls in love with a Blackfoot woman with eyes the shape of the moons on a teal’s face.

For more information about Blue-winged Teal, see my post of 5 May 2012.

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