Friday, June 10, 2016

Yellow-throated Vireo

My blogging has fallen way behind. I have many photos to share with you from our eastern road trip in March; I have current photos waiting in cue, especially now with dragonfly season upon us; and I have yet to blog about birds from this past spring migration—like this Yellow-throated Vireo I banded on 24 May 2016.

Vireos look like hooked-billed warblers. Recent DNA work suggests the two bird families are not closely related. Vireos are most similar to babblers of Australia and Asia. Apparently vireos came to the New World via the Bering Land-bridge. The Asian babblers prove to be more closely genetically related to vireos than they are to other babblers and may be moved into the vireo family (Brewer et al. 2016).

The name “vireo” comes from the Latin for “greenish bird.” This description fairly well describes North American vireos (Gruson). Yellow-throated Vireos are perhaps our brightest species.

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