Sunday, October 2, 2016

Pronghorn Antelope

We did not see Burrowing Owls in the Badlands prairie dog colonies. We did find Pronghorn Antelope. These antelope were part of a group with several females and young, with one male. Females and their twins usually form nursery herds. One or two males often join these herds. Pronghorns tend to be gregarious and form large winter herds (Higgins et al. 2000). Historically, Pronghorns were found east to the Mississippi River—but habitat destruction and hunting brought them close to extinction. Present-day Pronghorns in South Dakota are rare east of the Missouri, and western ones suffer during abnormally harsh winters. Later during our trip we saw huge herds in Wyoming. We learned that Wyoming has more antelope than human tax-payers.

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