Friday, June 30, 2017

Blue Dasher

Our first Blue Dasher of the year, 24 June 2017, in Erika’s garden. Blue Dashers are often abundant across most of the United States. Only Montana and Wyoming lack records in Odonata Central. They perch with their wings slanted downward from treetops to almost ground level. They often return to their perches, making photography somewhat easier. 

Blue Dashers are fierce predators. They take over 10% of their body weight in prey every day. They are aggressive towards competing males, often raising their blue tails at them. Females lay up to 700 eggs in only 35 seconds. Odonata Central, from whom most of this information is gleaned, maintains that Blue Dashers are largest in the spring, and get progressively smaller in the summer and fall. I thought, however, that this one seemed relatively small as it was.

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