Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Red-tipped Swampdamsel

Soon after we arrived at the Hotel de Campo, near Caño Negro, Alajuela Province, in northern Costa Rica, our group located a few Red-tipped Swampdamsels on 11 July 2017. These damselflies flitted about shaded weeds at the edge of a large lake in back of the hotel. The species ranges from Mexico to northern South America. I am aware of only one record from the United States—at Santa Ana NWR on 2 July 2009 (Odonata Central).

Red-tipped Swampdamsels spend the dry season as immatures. With the advent of rains, they quickly mature. Two broods are produced in the rainy season. The larvae rapidly become new immatures (IUNC Red List).

We spent only one night at the Hotel de Campo. On the morning of 12 July, we took a tour boat ride up a nearby river. We saw lots of bird, but dragonfly photography from a moving boat leaves something to be desired. Taking bird photos is hard enough. I have combined my pictures from the hotel campus from 11 and 12 July, and will then proceed with the boat trip images.

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