Sunday, April 1, 2018

Marsh Firetail

I photographed this Marsh Firetail (Telebasis digiticollis) along the pond at the Laguna Lagarto Lodge on 13 July 2017. Our tour walked along the edge of an incredibly muddy road. The good news was that the road allowed plenty of room for us to see and take pictures of most of the dragonflies we encountered.

Marsh Firetails are found from Mexico south to Venezuela. The species has been recorded since 2010 almost annually in Texas in the Rio Grande Valley, This damselfly is found in ponds and marshes, usually with dense vegetation. Unlike many other firetails, this one is not tied to floating vegetation. Young Marsh Firetails are often found in forest marshes. Deforestation and global warming are both potential threats to the species. Both threats would potentially dry the temporary wetlands where these firetails breed (IUC Red List).

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