Sunday, August 5, 2018

White-nosed Coati

I found a couple of additional photos we took during last year’s Costa Rican trip. These are images of White-nosed Coatis. These mammals are found from New Mexico and southeastern Arizona through Panama and, perhaps, into Colombia. Feral coatis also roam about Florida, where they have escaped from captivity since 1928.

Coatis are in the same family as Raccoons, but are more arboreal. They are similar, however, in their omnivorous diet. They consume small vertebrates, fruits, carrion, insects, snakes and eggs (Wikipedia). Like Raccoons, they habituate to humans and raid campsites, trash, and even, such as these coatis at the Laguna del Lagarto Lodge in northern Costa Rica, visit bird feeders. Adult males tend to be solitary, but other ocatis travel in social groups.

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