Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Canada Goose

On 21 November 2018, Erika and I checked for waterfowl at a Northfield pond. All we saw were a few mallards and 900 Canada Geese. One reason for this concentration was that this pond tends to be ice-free longer than other area ponds. It must be spring-fed. Among the geese swam an odd individual with a broad white face patch and a broad eye-brow. I have noted other Canada Geese with similar markings, but never quite this extensive. I wondered if we stumbled upon a hybrid Canada and Barnacle Goose. As you can see, this bird’s breast is white—that argues against the hybrid hypothesis. Among the various races of Canada Geese, some birds occasionally sport white eye-brows and/or white foreheads. It is unclear to me as to whether or not these traits are indicative of some young birds. I have concluded, therefore, that what we found was a Canada Goose.

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