Thursday, December 20, 2018

American Crow

Crows are abundant in Olympia. In my youth, birds in the coastal Pacific Northwest were called Northwestern Crows. They were identified by their location and by their relatively small size. The birds we saw did seem small. Recent studies, however, indicate that American Crows, which have moved into the Pacific Northwest, breed randomly with the smaller residents. As a result, pure Northwestern Crown may no longer exist. I am not sure why they are not lumped together as suggested by many ornithologists. I am sure my life list is about to shrink by one bird.


  1. IIRC, there are seemingly pure Northwestern Crows at the northern edge of their range (Alaska).

    1. To me, that would suggest Northwester Crows are, indeed, a race of the American Crow. The Washington crows hardly even fit the definition of a subspecies at this point.