Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Sharp-shinned Hawk

This Sharp-shinned Hawk is my last bird of 2018. I found it surveying waterfowl on a local lake from a Northfield rooftop. This urban habitat is somewhat atypical for this forest-inhabiting species. Cooper’s Hawks are usually found such urban locals. But this bird is smaller than a Cooper’s. Furthermore, this bird’s dark cap continues down its nape, giving the head a more rounded, less boxy shape. Finally, the tail appears to be relatively square-ended, unlike a Cooper’s Hawk’s more rounded tail.

2019 resets the yearly bird list. I contemplated trying to photograph each species I listed in the upcoming year and presenting them on this blog. The logistics of such an effort make it unlikely, however, since many of the birds I find are distant or uncooperative. Meanwhile new adventures have presented themselves as Erika and I made the relatively sudden decision to leave Northfield for Olympia, Washington. Anyone interested in a Minnesota house with a bird-list of 132 species?

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