Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Brown Pelican

The eBird website recently optimized some of their pages for cell phone viewing. These changes make it easy to use your smart phone to find nearby birds and birding hotspots. You do, however, probably have to sign up for a free eBird account. The Brown Pelican was a bird I hoped to find during our 20 July 2019 ocean trip. Several pelican sightings were reported in eBird. Turns out the Brown Pelican was an easy target bird. We saw at least six at the jetty at Ocean Shores—and this number was probably a serious undercount. 

The pelican in the picture is an immature. Tbe closest Brown Pelican nesting sites to Washington are along the central California coast. After breeding, California birds, and pelicans from the Gulf of California, wander northward—even as far as British Columbia and southeastern Alaska. Numbers along the northern Pacific coast peak in September and October, before birds return south to their breeding colones in December and January (Shields 2014). A few stragglers remain off Washington during the winter and spring.

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