Monday, June 15, 2020

American Robin

This photo, taken on 11 June 2020 at the Woodard Bay Preserve, is the most recent image of many American Robins that Erika and I have taken since moving to Olympia. We are not certain, but this bird appears to be carrying Thimbleberry fruit. A Thimbleberry looks like a  raspberry. Perhaps the bird is carrying the fruit to feed nearby young. Judging by the cacophony of scolding robins in the area, an owl or other predator may have been lurking nearby in the dense forest. We looked, but saw nothing.

Robins in the Pacific Northwest are darker plumaged than most of their continental relatives. As you cross the America, robins have smaller and smaller white spots at the ends of their outer tail feathers. These spots are nearly absent by the time you reach Washington. Consequently our birds are classified as a distinct subspecies.

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