Friday, January 1, 2021

Rock Wren

Erika and I ended 2020 with a rare bird—a Rock Wren on 31 December along the Chehalis Bike Trail. These wrens are found in western North America, south into Central America. Strays are occasionally reported from eastern states. Rock Wrens can be common breeders in eastern Washington, but very few are seen in any season in the western half of the state. This Rock Wren was first reported on eBird in mid-December, but the one time we ventured to the spot, a farm feed-lot along the tail, way too many birders to be Covid-safe were searching for the bird. When we did find it, the wren was not our objective. We wanted to walk at a nearby conservation area—but that parking lot was jammed full. So we walked down the bike trail instead. We found the Rock Wren exactly where eBird promised.

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