Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Pelagic Cormorant

On 13 November 2021, Erika and I took a short (but dry) stroll to the Woodard Bay Natural Area in search of new birds for our November eBird list. The area is interesting. Once it was a logging center, where timber was floated in on Puget Sound and transferred to train to the greater Olympia area. The area is incredibly beautiful, and guarded by Mt Rainier, forested shores, and an abandoned pier surrounded by pilings that used to secure the floating timber. At one time or another, we have listed all three of the local cormorants here: Double-crested, Brandt's, and Pelagic. Huge numbers of Double-crested Cormorants nest along the Puget Sound bays here. This day we had no problem finding Double-crested and Pelagic cormorants perched on the pilings. We have only found Brandt’s Cormorants a few times here. This Pelagic Cormorant is perched on a bird box that Purple Martins use during the summer.

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