Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mourning Warbler

On Thursday I was surprised to band a fairly bright Mourning Warbler. Usually by now both sexes would be in their drab fall plumages. Little is known about the breeding biology of this warbler.  One reason is that this species prefers tangles and thickets and so is hard to observe.  Because of its predilection for dense habitat--the sort that often appears after lumbering--the Mourning Warbler is one of a few of our neotropical migrants that may be more common now than in relatively recent history.

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  1. The Mourning Warbler was a life bird for me this spring at our place in northern Minnesota. There were two males singing on territory and it was their rather loud song that led my eyes to them. It appears they nested successfully as we spotted several young birds in the last few weeks. The young birds were a challenge for me to id. The broken eye ring and breast band shown in Sibley finally led me to the correct id. It was an all around great learning experience for me.