Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bald Eagle 3

Most of the eagles we saw on Friday were not in adult plumage (you may recall that Bald Eagles take four years to attain their black and white plumage).  Bald Eagles are sometimes confused with Golden Eagles.  But Bald Eagles have arrow dark bands at the ends of their tails and lack distinct white patches on their upper wings. All the eagle photos on this post are of Bald Eagles.
The eagles appeared to play.  Individuals swooped and tumbled with each other. This sort of behavior prepares them with survival skills. A couple of young eagles made passes over a flock of Common Goldeneyes.  Bald Eagles, when they are not scavenging dead prey, often hunt by soaring.  Their soaring capture rates are low.  We wondered if our birds were just testing the goldeneyes to see if any one of the flock was wounded.

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