Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tundra Swan 2

Do any field guides depict ducks dappling?  For today's quiz, name these ducks!   The swan is not difficult.  Its meter-long neck allows the Tundra Swan to feed in relatively deep water on plant stems and roots.  Often the feet are used to dig up plants. This swan also feeds in agricultural fields in the winter and arctic meadows in the summer (Limpert and Earnst 1994).

Moments after I took the photograph above, all three waterfowl came up for a breath--and I took the next photo.  You can see the answers to the quiz--Tundra Swan, Mallard, and Northern Pintail.  This post is the last from our trip to Brownsville, Minnesota. For finding birding spots in Minnesota, Kim Eckert's A Birder's Guide to Minnesota is indispensable.


  1. Love to watch "bottoms up" ducks paddling away trying to stay down to grab a snack.