Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bank Swallow

I was not the only dragonfly hunter in Rice County on the excruciating hot afternoon of 19 July 2011.  I am surprised by the throat speckles on both of these Bank Swallows (specially on the bird on the right). I have not seen this plumage illustrated in my field guides.  Both the National Geographic Guide and Sibley show juvenals with unspotted throats. Garrsion (1999), however, states that, in fresh juvenal plumage, the throat is often washed with buff and sometimes shows "faint, grayish brown spotting." In warn plumage, juvenals become very similar to the adults. In July, juvenal feathers begin to molt into prebasic (winter) plumage. This molt is suspended during fall migration and is then completed by November in the wintering grounds. Flight feathers are not molted until after migration (Garrsion 1999).  

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