Sunday, July 3, 2011

Twelve-spotted Skimmer 2

Readers may recall my 10 June 2011 blog lament that I had yet to see a male Twelve-spotted Skimmer.  That deficiency is now remedied. Several appeared in Erika's garden in late June. As you can see, the male is a striking dragonfly. Depending on which spots you count, this skimmer is also known as the Ten-spotted Skipper.
Twelve-spotted Skimmers hunt from perches, to which they will often return, even after the dragonflies are disturbed.  The skimmer below seemed fond of Erika's Astilbe, despite the flower's relatively low profile in the garden. This skimmer eats a wide variety of flying insects (mosquitoes, flies, butterflies, moths, mayflies, and flying ants).
The last photo in this series of of a female Twelve-spotted Skimmer.The photograph perplexes me--I thought it was a male when I took the picture--but no white spots are evident.  This skimmer is found in appropriate habitat from southern Canada through most of the United States.

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