Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Banding

I am surprised by my 2013 banding results, which can be seen by clicking the appropriate tab at the top of this blog. After a dismal fall season, I assumed I would report mediocre results. Instead this was my second biggest banding year in Minnesota (since 2008). I banded 1741 individual birds at my study sites in Northfield and near Dundas (plus an additional 75, which are not included in this report, at either River Bend Nature Center or the Carleton College arboretum).

No doubt, the 750 juncos that I banded this spring greatly contributed to my success, as did 107 White-throated Sparrows. Other most-banded species include 91 Myrtle Warblers, 79 Nashville Warblers, and 95 American Goldfinches. Further details can be seen in my report. This year was the first that I did not band a new species to the list, which now stands at 101.

Thanks to Erika Tallman, John and Kathy Holden, Tami Vogel, and others who assisted during the year.

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