Thursday, January 23, 2014

Eurasian Collared-Dove

On 21 January, I photographed this collared-dove in Dennison, Minnesota. A dozen or so were reported from this small town the day before by Dave Bartkey. Erika and I had little trouble relocating the birds—a new check for my Goodhue County bird-list.

As I peered through my lens, a nearby house-owner asked what I was looking at. As in a recent post on this blog, I explained how this species had begun in the Middle East and spread across Europe and, eventually, North America. The woman with whom I was speaking seemed genuinely interested and expressed surprise that a Middle Eastern dove could survive Minnesotan temperatures below zero. I pointed out that several bird-feeders graced Dennison, as did the local, and rather large, grain elevator. Actually the reasons for this dove’s success are unknown, with suggested hypotheses of genetic changes in the bird’s DNA, and changes in the world's environmental conditions.

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