Friday, August 8, 2014

Cooper’s Hawk Bathing

On Thursday, 7 August 2014, Erika ran in from the garden and announced, “Quick get your camera, there’s a Cooper’s Hawk in the water feature!” This tame, young hawk allowed me to get quite close as it bathed in the middle pool of the stream. In the second photo, the bird has its head completely submerged as it shook its wings and tail. While belly-deep in the water, the Cooper’s Hawk looked up in the third photo. The hawk seemed completely unconcerned about us. Finally the hawk flew off, chased by Blue Jays.
I have seen Cooper’s Hawks bathing in bird baths, like one several years ago in Aberdeen, South Dakota. According to Curtis et al. (2006), this species "enjoys bathing" in pools of water and in the rain. These authors also write that birds “will often fly to  a sunny perch to dry."

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