Saturday, August 8, 2015

Cypress Clubtail

A few dragonflies flitted about the  Harns Marsh, Florida, when we visited on 25 March. Blue Dashers,  Eastern Pondhawks, and Halloween Pennants were common, and well-known to us. When I saw this clubtail at my feet, however, I knew it was a new one for me. I called it a “Green-striped Clubtail,” and excitedly emailed Scott King for his opinion. He quickly replied that he thought it was either a Cypress or a Sandhill clubtail.

I identified it as a Cypress Clubtail. First, Cypress Clubtails are found south of Lake Ochchobee, according to Paulson (2011), whereas Sandhills are found further north in Florida. The habitat of Harns Marsh is typical of the Cypress—Cypress lined, muddy lakes. The micro-anatomy shown in my photo also points to this being a Cypres Clubtail, although I have to admit I was relieved when Odonata Central vetted my identification.

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