Sunday, August 23, 2015

FOY Fall Warblers

Fall migrants appear in central Minnesota during the last week of August. Last spring was a miserable migration for my banding and birding—hopefully problem was that the weather was just so good last spring that the migrants flew right over Northfield, without bothering to stop. This week I have caught up by listing two FOY warblers. FOY is birder lingo for First of Year.

Both the Blackburnian (above) and the Chestnut-sided warblers (below) are considered to be common in Minnesota (Eckert 2002). They are among the many warblers I missed seeing this spring, and are thus FOY for my year list. I have linked both species’ names in this paragraph to previous accounts in this blog. The links also give you images of these species in spring plumage.

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