Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Great Pondhawk

Having failed to find Gray Kingbirds at Sanibel, we searched for these flycatchers on 2 April in Long Key State Park in one of the northern Florida Keys. According to the BirdsEye bird-finding app, Gray Kingbirds had recently been seen at the park; and reports of a Key West Quail-Dove gave us added incentive to visit. Other birders searched with us, but we saw neither bird—the park was just too big.

But I did come face-to-face with a Great Pondhawk. I had Great Pondhawks on the brain since entering Florida, but, until now, all the pondhawks I encountered proved to be Easterns. I knew the dragonfly I desired had green stimata, the small spots often found near the tips of odonate wings. When I saw this individual, I immediately knew its identity. The species is found in southern Florida and throughout the West Indies and from Oklahoma south to Argentina.

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