Thursday, September 17, 2015

Green Iguana

I have previously blogged about Green Iguanas. They seem like they would make great pets, and every year some 8000 are imported into the United States from Central and South America. But pet owners often become frustrated—these lizards require special lighting, space, and diets. They are herbivores, but do poorly on a diet of iceberg lettuce, and require precise nutrient ratios. A carnivorous diet may cause renal failure. Young iguanas may need to consume their parents’ feces to acquire essential micro-organisms. The result is that many pet iguanas are set free (or escape) resulting in damage to native vegetation—the species is known to consume nearly 100 different kinds of plants (Wikipedia).

Erika and I were amazed by this Green Iguana on Sanibel Island last March. While we watched, the reptile changed from dull gray to bright green.

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