Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Palm Warbler

Although Palm Warblers are common migrants in Minnesota, I have only banded them twice. I caught this one on 3 May here in Northfield. The other was on 4 May 2012, also in my backyard.

Palm Warblers are odd. These birds forage on or near the ground (see my photo from the Carpenter Nature Center). Also unlike most other warblers, the plumage of males and females are similar. You might think it strange in Minnesota to find a warbler named for a tropical tree. The birds winter along the coasts of the United States, and also in the Caribbean. The species was first named in Hispaniola, where plenty of palms grow. Surprisingly, the Palm Warbler is one of our most northern breeders. In the summer, this warbler breeds in bogs across boreal Canada, only as far south as northern Minnesota and Wisconsin (Wilson 2013).

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