Saturday, May 7, 2016

Pine Warbler

Pine Warblers are hardy birds of eastern North American pine forests (and in the Bahamas and Hispaniola). They are late fall and early spring migrants in the north; and are permanent residents in the southeast. Although mostly insectivorous, they are unusual among the warblers in that seeds comprise a large portion of their diet (Rodewald et al. 2013). This warbler occasionally visits bird feeders.

During our hike near Meridian, Mississippi, on 22 March 2016, Erika and I heard what sounded like a raucous Chipping Sparrow. I knew this call, having learned it last year during our Everglades trip. I made spishing sounds that attracted a curious Pine Warbler. (The Everglades birds did not pose for us, but I do have another Pine Warbler photo taken several years ago in the Corkscrew Sanctuary). To my surprise, I have never seen a Pine Warbler at home in Rice County, and, obviously, have never banded one.

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