Friday, September 23, 2016

Rainbow Bluet

On 24 June 2016, I walked around Carleton College’s Lyman Lakes. By accident, I discovered a pair of Rainbow Bluets, one of the more striking damselflies. I noticed them on the side of a Yellow Water-Lily. I took the photo think it would be a pretty photo of ordinary, unidentifiable bluets. I checked the photo focus out on my camera screen, I immediately knew these were a male and female Rainbow Bluet in tandem. The male clasps the back of the female’s neck to guard her from competing males.
In the first photo I noticed another species of bluet behind the lily stem. This damselfly turns out to be a Stream Bluet. Too bad its head is hidden. Male Stream Bluets have one of the terminal abdomen segments entirely blue, They have only thin, blue bands across the abdomen, which is mostly black.  Unlike similar bluets, the thorax is blue with black stripes (DuBois). Stream Bluets are one of the most common damselflies across their range.

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