Monday, September 19, 2016

Ring-necked Pheasant

I took this Ring-necked Pheasant photo on 29 April 2016. I was in Rice County, near a game-bird farm. This species often escapes captivity. To survive, pheasants need dense winter cover and diverse farming practices. Agriculture with large monocultures and clean farming practices do not tend to support pheasants. Early mowing takes out many pheasant nests (Giudice and Ratti 2001).


  1. Love pheasants. That's good info to know. I am not familiar with their habitat as I'd like to be but we don't have many spots in Arizona for these birds. Beautiful!

  2. I am not so fond of pheasants. I think we should be devoting our resources to native game birds—bobwhite or quail for example. Pheasants are the state bird of South Dakota. Good grief!