Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Review: Android Warbler Guide App

The Android version of The Warbler Guide is finally out. Check it out at the Google Play Store. There you will find a video demonstrating what makes this $12.99 app truly amazing. (You can watch this video on your computer, but, if you decide on a purchase,  I recommend downloading the app directly to your cell phone.) Regular readers of my blog will recall that I posted a review of the iOS version of the app. My enthusiasm for this app has not diminished. The app requires Android 4.1 or above.

This app is an easy-to-use, intuitive way to identify the warblers of the United States and Canada by photos and/or song. What makes this app unique are high-resolution, enlargeable, 3D images of the birds.  These images can be rotated with a flick of your thumb, giving you views of each species from various angles—side, top, bottom, front, and back. Even your non-birding friends will be impressed! 

The app includes 75 images of 48 species. Over 500 warbler vocalizations are included, as well as sonograms illustrating these calls. You can access ID points and and behavioral and habitat icons. You can filter the images by region of North America, color, and season. Range maps are included. You can fill in, almost like “painting by numbers,”  the colors of the parts of the bird you’ve seen, and the app will give you identification suggestions. You can combine this with a description of the song—is it buzzy, clear, or what?  Does the song descend or rise?  The result is that you are presented with just a few of the most likely warblers based on your input.

As I wrote in my earlier review, “You have to see this app—welcome to the new world of field guides…”

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