Saturday, August 26, 2017

Dusky Dancer

The Dusky is the most widespread dancer. In the United States, it has a relatively narrow distribution from southern New England to southern Texas and the Southwest. The species is then found south to Argentina. We found them on our first full day in Costa Rica and on our last (2 July—Villa Lapas, Puntarenas (top photo); and 15 July 2017—La Quinta Lodge, Heredia, Costa Rica (bottom photo)).

Coincidently, both patrolled swimming pools. Such habitat should be a poor choice for a damselfly. First the poolside is full of pesky people—and there is no way a dragonfly larvae can survive in a chlorinated pool. On the other hand, Dusky Dancers perch on rocks and stream-side vegetation, habitat similar to hotel pools, which probably also attract mosquitos hungry for human blood.

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