Thursday, August 3, 2017

Lineated Woodpecker

While we watched the grassquit of my previous post, Erika heard a woodpecker drumming. She spied the bird working in a distant, large tree. Lineated Woodpeckers are common from the Mexican lowlands south across much of northern South America. This large woodpecker inhabits both humid and moderately dry forests. It prefers open woodland near clearings and forest edges, and even big trees in pastures or gardens

Lineated Woodpeckers eat a wide variety of wood-boring arthropods. They also take fruits, seeds, ants and other arthropods. They feed at all levels of the forest, including on the ground. They may feed at one location for 15 minutes before flying long distances to new feeding areas. They tend to be wary (Handbook of Birds of the World).

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