Monday, December 25, 2017

Nathalia Shadowdamsel

Nathalia Shadowdamsel, Palaemnema nathalia. has to be one of my favorite dragonfly names. I must be fascinated with nomenclature. I was wondering about who Nathalia Shadowdamsel is named for. The ode was described by Selys in 1886. That disqualifies quite a few women named Nathalia. Nathalia in Palaemnema nathalia, however, does not appear to be a Latin possessive. My Latin ain’t great. Nathalia does refer to Christmas Day. Perhaps Selys found in on Christmas.

We found this Nathalia’s Shadowdamsel on 7 July along the Rio Corobici in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. We were walking up a rocky, muddy road that ran from a cafe to the river. The roadsides where steep, with overhanging vegetation. The shadowdamsel hung under the vegetation—perfect habitat for the species. This damselfly prefers shady, rocky streams. This species, found from southern Mexico to Venezuela, is the most wide-ranging of the genus.

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