Monday, December 11, 2017

White-tailed Deer

After leaving Monteverde, Costa Rica, on 7 July, we made a side trip north, before turning around and driving south. Our northern foray ended at the Hacienda La Pacifica. The hacienda was a working cattle ranch. Tourist facilities may have been attached, but we had reservations at La Ensenada Lodge (also a working cattle ranch) for that afternoon. Actually, the original plan to to stay at the Hacienda Solimar, yet another ranch and often frequented by bird tours. But the Solimar was booked and would not allow us to enter without our paying an exorbitant entry fee.

We stopped at the Hacienda La Pacifica and asked if we could look for dragonflies. A small pond promised to be excellent habitat. The owner graciously gave us permission, saying, “be careful for crocodiles”  (He would not be responsible for the crocs). Further, when we finsihed at the pond visible from the highway, which you can see in the photo, his foreman took us to a much larger and wilder wetland. Finally, there was a cafe along the nearby Rio Corobici. The cafe would provide more dragonfly opportunities and, more importantly, lunch.

A small herd of White-tailed Deer grazed near the pond. White-tailed Deer are found from Canada and the United States south through Central America to northern South America. I am not sure how wild these deer were. They may have been a feral herd or they could have been wild. Overall, we spent an excellent midday at the Hacienda La Pacifica.

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