Friday, May 18, 2018


16 July 2017 was our last full day touring in Costa Rica. We travelled from La Quinta Sarapiqui Lodge to Braulio Carrillo National Park. The park was in a mountainous area and the idea was to pick up a few different dragonflies. Along the way we made a brief stop at an abandoned roadside orchard. This day, we saw a few birds and many dragonflies. 

The abondoned orchard is a well-known location for seeing Snowcaps, which are tiny hummingbirds. Curiously we did not see the stunning male Snowcap, which has a purple body and a shinning, white cap. The duller females, however, where plentiful. Perhaps the sexes feed at diffferent times or visit the gardens in different seasons. Males are polygynous and are highly territorial. Snowcaps are found in Central American mountains from Honduras to Panama (Wikipedia; Kistler and Schulenberg 2013).

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