Sunday, September 1, 2019

Autumn Meadowhawk

This Autumn Meadowhawk landed in Erika’s Olympia garden on 28 August 2019. Bad news. These dragonflies are about the last to emerge—a sure sign that autumn is around the corner. Dennis Paulson assures me, however, that odonates here in Washington “carry on through October, a few even into November, if there’s warm enough weather.” Autumn Meadowhawks were common in late summer in Erika’s Minnesota garden. The species has a curious range, breeding in the Northwest and in eastern North America, with few records in-between. Field marks include their yellowish-brown legs, and clear, amber-tinged wings. Females, like this one, have a ventral, triangular plate at the end of their abdomen. Males have brown bodies and bright red abdomens.

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