Friday, September 27, 2019

Common Tern

A Common Tern has been reported on my eBird Needs Report for about the past week. Erika and I have unsuccessfully chased after it a couple of times. On Wednesday, 25 September, I found five Common Terns at a small park that looks out over Puget Sound. The terns were on a tidal mud flat quite distant from me. I was able to get some images, which I could blow up. The black nape, black shoulder patches, and relatively long legs (at least for a tern) are all Common Tern field marks. The faintly white-scalloped back indicates an immature bird. Common Terns breed in central and eastern Canada and in the northern Great Plains. They migrate along both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of the United Coasts and over eastern North America to the coasts of Mexico, Central, and South America.

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