Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Review: All the Birds of the World

All the Birds of the World. Josep del Hoyo, ed. 967 pp. Lynx Ediciones: Barcelona. Hardbound. $125. 

This book is amazing. If you are interested in birds, or if you need a gift for someone who is, take a look at this volume. This 967-page book contains a series of excellent color illustrations of all of the 11,324 known bird species of the world. For each species, both sexes are illustrated, if they differ, and many races are included—20,865 illustrations in all. 

The sample page below gives you an idea of the book’s layout. Each species is framed in a section that includes a range map, a notation of the bird’s conservation status, a red circle that indicates if ornithologists disagree about the taxonomic status of the bird, and alternate common and scientific names. There are checkboxes for your own lists. Even the approximately 150 species known to have become extinct since 1500 are included in an appendix. The book also includes a 37-page world atlas with details of interest to amateur birders and ornithologists. This book may strike you as fairly expensive at $125, but, as the publishers proclaim, it is the “easiest and most enjoyable way to browse through all the birds of the world.”

But it gets better! Included with each illustration is a QR code that, when read by your cell phone, links you to that species' account in eBird’s collection of videos, photos and sound recordings. The result is a mega reference book that can be enjoyed by anyone interested in birds. You can get more details or order through this LINK, (https://amzn.to/3q6gzvq). (If you buy through this link, I receive a small commission.)

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