Thursday, October 14, 2021

Snow Goose

A Snow Goose strolled by our parked car during our eBird Big Day on 9 October 2021. Erika waited in the car while I looked for birds along Puget Sound. “Look over here!” shouted Erika. “It looks like a Snow Goose!” “Yeah,” I replied, “A Snow Goose is going to be walking in a parking lot?” But the goose came out from behind a bush and walked across the tarmac. The bird appeared to be wild and uninjured. Snow Geese are super abundant in some parts of western Washington, but are seen less frequently here in Olympia. This goose was our first for the season this year for us. I thanked Erika for finding the bird by asking her “Why did the Goose cross the road” jokes for the rest of the day. I think she was glad to see the end of the eBird Big Day count.

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