Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Varied Thrush

October is Varied Thrush month in Olympia. We banded this male on 10 October 2021 in our backyard. Varied Thrush are common permanent residents in western Washington. The situation is complicated. Before logging and urban development, these thrushes bred in the lowlands. Now that are mostly restricted to the mountains. Migration in “uncertain,” complicated by elevational movements during inclement weather. Wahl et al. (2005) report movements in mid or late September and larger influxes  in November or December. In our backyard, birds reappear in the spring. On top of that, populations fluctuate, with more birds present in some years than in others. Varied Thrushes also tend to wander in the fall and winter—to almost every state in the Union—but these vagrants may or may not find their way bvack to their breeding grounds in northwestern North America.


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