Friday, September 13, 2013

Green-tailed Towhee

I have not blogged about Green-tailed Towhees. Along with a plethora of other Minnesota birders, in January 2007 I photographed this individual at Mountain Lake (Cottonwood County). Mine is not a very good photo of this bird, normally breeding in the western United States and wintering in Mexico. Colorado and Wyoming is about as close as you would expect to find this bird to Minnesota.

Other observers took much better photos, even, eventually, deciphering the band number. Turns out this bird was banded near Thunder Bay, Ontario on 10 June 2006 (see Ontario Field Ornithologists). Although Green-tailed Towhees do occasionally stray eastward, the species’ occurrence in Ontario is perhaps even more unlikely than its being found in Minnesota. The photo below is of a bird banded by me years ago within the bird’s normal range in southwestern Arizona.

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