Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tule Bluet maintenance

With some help from Scott King, I believe these damselflies are Tule Bluets. The male below shows the typical field marks for the species—a small, black spot on top of the first abdominal segment coupled with most of the remaining segments showing more black than blue. Female Tule Bluets show fewer field marks, and may not be identifiable in the field. The female bluet in the upper photos, however, looks close enough to a Tule pattern to be that species—plus this damselfly was in the vicinity of the male below.

The female bluet showed intriguing behavior. As she perched on a dead branch, she wagged her abdomen up and down.  Then she lowered it, as seen in these first two photos. Apparently she used her hind legs to rub off a bit of irritating spider web.  Look carefully for the web strand connecting the tip of the damsels abdomen to the side of the twig. These photos were taken in August at Circle Lake in Rice County, Minnesota.

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