Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nashville Warbler

A Nashville Warbler on its way after picking up a band at our banding station—you can tell by its yellow throat, white eye-ring, and barely visible white belly. This month continues to be exceptionally poor at the banding nets. Has the weather just been too good this fall for migrants to make landfall in Northfield? Did the breeding season fail in the north woods? Are this year's birds just too smart to be caught in my nets? (My nets were open about equal hours in both years.)

Here is a quick, unofficial, comparison of small birds banded at Northfield and Dundas in September 2013 and September 2012. (Please excuse the list not being in taxonomic or alphabetical order.)

September 2013 (total= 41)          September 2012 (total=140)
2 Black-and-White Warbler          17 Yellow-rumped Warbler
8 Black-capped Chickadee            19 Nashville Warbler
1 American Goldfinch                  9 Tennessee Warbler
1 Tennessee Warbler                    3 American Redstart
2 Nashville Warbler                     9 Chestnut-sided Warbler
2 American Redstart                    1 American Redstart
1 Chestnut-sided Warbler             3 Red-breasted Nuthatch
1 Golden-winged Warbler            2 Black-throated Green Warbler
1 Wilson’s Warbler                     1 Wilson’s Warbler
1 Yellow-bellied Flycatcher         1 Philadelphia Vireo
1 Common Yellowthroat             1 Magnolia Warbler
2 House Wren                            12 Red-eyed Vireo
7 Swainson’s Thrush                   7 Ovenbird
1 Downy Woodpecker                 2 Blue-headed Vireo
1 Gray-cheeked Thrush               3 Bay-breasted Warbler
5 Northern Cardinal                    1 Wilson’s Warbler
2 Ovenbird                                 1 Black-throated Blue Warbler
1 Red-eyed Vireo                        4 Canada Warbler
1 Indigo Bunting                         1 Common Yellowthroat
                                                 3 Black-capped Chickadee
                                                 1 American Goldfinch
                                                 1 Black-and-White Warbler
                                                 1 Blackburnian Warbler
                                                 1 Golden-winged Warbler
                                                 1 Wood Thrush
                                                 4 Gray Catbird
                                                 5 Northern Cardinal
                                                 1 Scarlet Tanager
                                                 1 Gray-cheeked Thrush
                                                 9 Swainson’s Thrush
                                                 2 White-breasted Nuthatch
                                                 21 American Robin
                                                 1 Red-headed Woodpecker

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  1. I've noticed the same thing in my backyard and local park. (I live in Brooklyn Park near the Mississippi River).

    I'm hoping they're still coming.