Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Black-crowned Night-Heron

During our March visit to Sarasota, Florida’s Botanical Gardens, we did see a few interesting birds and flowers. I suspect the Black-crowned Night-Heron in the first photo has molted out of its juvenal and into its adult-like, second-year plumage. Note the dark adult feathers against its brownish back. I am not sure how to explain the yellowish underparts. Is this color a photographic artifact? Or a reflection off the water? The photo was taken during mid-day, so the light should not have been tricky.

The botanical gardens did not do a fantastic job of labeling their plants, niether in reality or in their web site. I am not sure of the identity of the orchid in the second photo. Even the volunteer docent sitting under the tree upon which the orchid grew could offer any help.

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