Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Venice Rookery

On 24 March, Erika and I spent the night in Venice, Florida. The next day we were close to our goal of Sanibel Island, and so found ourselves with a bit of time to explore. We found our first destination by looking for nearby hotspots in BirdsEye, the phone app that serves as a birding “Geiger Counter.” We found a rookery a short distance from our hotel run by the Venice Area Audubon Society. We recognized our destination by the groups of birders with long camera lenses.

We did not see anything too spectacular at this urban rookery, but we were able to take some nice photographs. The Great Blue Heron in the first photo, according to Vennesland and Butler (2011) “is one of the most widespread and adaptable wading birds in North America.” Anhingas, the bird in the second photo, are common tropical birds that, in the United States, inhabit southeastern coastal areas. Anhingas are sometimes called Snake Birds because of their long, snake-like necks, or Water Turkeys, due to their turkey-like tails.

I have previously posted other information on both these species, Great Blue Heron and Anhinga. By the way, if you find missing photos in your exploration of my blog, please let me know. Such was the case with my linked heron photo. I suspect interference from I replaced the heron photo for the link in this paragraph.

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